3.82 Creative
Who exactly is 3.82 Creative and what do we do? It is not exactly clear. Or if it were clear it wouldn't be easy to explain.

What is clear is that you should talk to us if you think the same way we do. If you think that, strangely, the world is becoming even more complicated as it gets smaller. If you think that the future is a vast blank canvas full of unlimited possibilities. If you think that it is facinating the way that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and their ilk have changed the media landscape.

Most importantly if you think that it simply won't do to contiunue doing things like nothing has changed, you should contact us.

We provide advice on the shifting grounds of Web 2.0. We make websites. We administrate Facebook Pages, write tweets on twitter feeds and make internets on other internets. We optimise your website for search engines. We write copy and make animations. We take photos. We invest in the Internet.

We break rules so we can learn new ones. It is an exciting time to be alive.

By all means feel free to shoot off an email to ryan@382creative.com.

Or alternatively you can put your e-mail address in this next box , put your name in the box that comes after that , and then lastly put any questions, comments or phiolisophical musings you want in the next real big box. and then press and your lovely message will reach Ryan Albrey.

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